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OneGroup Event Management

What we do?


Develop Event Goal and Objectives

Establishing a tangible goal and objectives will be the very first step in organising an event.For example, why are you organising an event and what do you hope to achieve at the end of the day will help you lead the event in the right direction.


Prepare a budget

Incorporate realistic estimates for all the key items that are essential for the event. All possible expenses should be included from day one to avoid ending up with a wad of receipts and other invoices and no idea of what just happened.


Marketing and advertising

Email blasts? Snail Mail? Social Media? Think about your target audience. Make sure the information you’re pulling out there is fully complete, leaving them with only a few questions…. As they need some to be intrigued, after all.


Venue sourcing

OneGroup will be your partner in searching for event day venue that is suitable for your event!


Logistic planning

Gathering all the items required for the event from small things like medals, prizes, t-shirt to tables, chairs, sound equipment, you know, big stuffs! What are the stuffs needed to truly make it run smoothly?



Gathering all necessary manpower, set everything up, make sure all personnel understand their duties and let’s get started!

Why Hire Event Organiser?


One of the main reasons why people opted to hire events manager is that the event will be handled by experienced and professionals. Not only that these individuals have superb organization skills, they are also a pack of creative individuals who think outside the box. Not just the fact that you have someone whom you can trust about everything, and I mean EVERYTHING for your event.


Planning an event can be both very difficult and stressful. Most of the time, if you are just assigned by the manager and is not really experienced in organizing an event, you will have doubts all throughout the process. With Event managers, you will have someone to pitch ideas if you don’t have one yet. You may ask for their professional assessment of the ideas that you already have. Because of their experience, they have better judgment and are reliable with current trends, materials and activities that suit your purpose and your company’s core values.


Event companies and organizers know where to go when it comes to event logistics. From event’s flyers, tents and canopy, tables and chairs, printables, lights, backdrop and every piece of equipment and supplies needed, they know where to get the best deals in town. They also have packages from suppliers especially if they have been partnering with large quantity demand.


Most people would say that DIY planning is practical. In some way, that can be true, especially if the event is small and attendees are less than 5 people. But for big events, it’s going to be stressful and messy. Not only that you are caught up with work deliverables, you also have to worry about the planning, theme, designs, materials, hosts, venue sourcing and a lot more. In the process, you will be having some trial and error process which will cost you more whenever the chosen ideas are not suitable for the event.


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